Boutique: A business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele

It begins with a passion for our work and how we are spending our (and your) valuable time. We obsess about finding the perfect consultation so that neither of us are surprised with the results.

It demands honesty and an open dialogue. We believe that doing something that’s interesting or that matters is more important than mass appeal. We will always tell you the truth and steer you in a direction that maintains the health of your hair and suggest a style that will be uncomplicated, memorable and chic.

We thrive on imagination. We are trained in the classics, but love an opportunity to color outside of the lines. We have the humility to understand that we are not for everyone, but those that understand what we do will be delighted. We’ve spent countless hours pouring over the smallest details just to make sure you feel comfortable and appreciated. We want our clients to love being here as much as we do.

Brandy & wine offers hair cutting, styling, deep conditioning, special occasion hairdressing, braiding, and keratin smoothing and the latest color techniques. Expert esthetics and nail services, laser hair removal, makeup application, massage and tanning services complete the offerings. We even have our own jewelry and accessories boutique!

These services delivered by thoughtful professionals, along with premium customer service, make Brandy & Wine a coveted beauty destination.