At Brandy & Wine our goal is to make you comfortable, relaxed and most importantly, happy. We have created an interesting, visually stimulating salon environment for you to enjoy. Our experienced hair care professionals can help you create a contemporary hairstyle that works with your hair's personality and complements your personal style.

Women's Hair

We take your hair's personality and work with it-not against it.  With our expertise, we determine your hair's texture, the way it wants to lay, the way it wants to move, and then cut it to give it a new attitude.  As hair evolves, what was once classic is now trend and what was trend becomes classic.  After an epidemic of ultra-straight hair, which is now classic, texture is working its way in. 

You may achieve this through curling, crimping, cutting, texturing, and finishing techniques.  Whichever
way you go, having options is still the order of the day. Color compliments a great cut.  What color can do for you: color should add shape to your cut, suit the movement of your hair, and match the tone of your skin.  It can even add texture.  In other words, applying color is both a science and an art.

Men's Hair

Let us show you how the right cut (and maybe even a little color) can give your hair great style. Hair color isn't
just for women. Let us blend away the gray or add a few highlights using structured placement. Sound interesting?